Types of Scholarships in Italy

Italy is well known for its extensive history, beautiful architecture, and exquisite cuisine. But did you know that overseas students pursuing higher education frequently choose Italy? Italy offers a variety of scholarship possibilities for both domestic and foreign students in addition to its esteemed colleges. We’ll look at different types of scholarships in Italy in this article. 

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1- Scholarships Regional Body 

Regions and Autonomous Provinces are the providers.  

Every year, a tournament is announced by an organization in each region. They are part of a substantial undertaking involving housing, loans of honor, and payments for participating in overseas mobility programs. The competition only considers requirements about the economic situation for freshmen enrolled in the first year of any degree course. The links to apply for Scholarships Regional Body can be found below,

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2- University Scholarships

University is the provider. Particular colleges provide them to help qualified students who are financially strapped. First, it benefits eligible students who do not get scholarships from the Regions and Autonomous Provinces. Only the platform may be used by candidates to apply.

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3- Loan Of Hours

University-Banks Agreement is the provider. 

The loan of honor is a legitimate source of funding offered to deserving students under advantageous terms. Once you have finished your education or have begun working, you must repay the loaned amount. In general, each university signs a contract with a particular bank. The release of any collateral or personal guarantees is not a requirement for the loan to be disbursed. You can get it by contacting your university, which will provide the evaluation standards and the results. 

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4- Mobility Grants

Minister of Education, Universities, and Research is the funding source. 

They are scholarships for university students who enroll in three-year or one-cycle master’s degree programs at Italian state or private universities, except online institutions, in a region other than their residence and the region of their family’s origin. The Mobility Scholarships granted are only intended for students who graduated from upper secondary school in Italy with a score of at least 95/100 on the state examination. On the university website, you can only take part online. The scholarship is worth €5,000 per year, given according to available funds and based on a national rating. Visit the link for more detailed information about the Mobility Grants scholarship since it is one of Italy’s most commonly known and availed scholarships from our list of types of scholarships in Italy.

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